About the Institute

About the Institute

Dear Health Friends,

The Bragg Health Institute is a living legacy dedicated to my fatherís life work of promoting optimal health and wellness worldwide. My father, Paul C. Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. dedicated his life to spreading the gospel of good health, happiness and love everywhere he went on his world travels. He was a true pioneer and visionary in the health field, and his outreach touched the lives of millions of people, of all ages throughout the world. We have established a non-profit health institute in his memory and honor.

The Bragg Health Institute was created to carry on my fatherís health outreach to the world with exciting plans of expanding what my father began in the early years. Read more about our developing plans on the Programs section of this website. Please help me carry on the mission of the Bragg Health Institute. Your support can make a big difference in reaching the lives of millions with the message of health and wellness.

With Blessings of Health, Peace and Love,

Dr. Patricia Bragg